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Language Learning in Groups or One-to-One

We offer a wide range of courses. You can choose between courses of 2 or 3 lessons per week or you can do a week’s intensive course of 20 or 30 lessons. In our one-to-one tuition we can tailor make your course to fit your exact needs. You should choose the course which best fits your language goals and the time you have available. We will gladly advise you.

One-to-One With this form of tuition you can target your weaknesses and neutralize them. Together with your trainer you pinpoint exactly what kind of language you need. The trainer then designs an individual and intensive course program to improve exactly those skills.

Mini-Groups This type of course enables you to practise grammar, pronunciation, everyday language and conversation in a group of 2 - 6 students. The tuition emphasis is on real situations.

Group Seminars In a weekend course in groups of up to 15 students you learn and practise specific language skills, for example presentations, commercial correspondence, writing e-mails, and telephoning.

Your personal goals are extremely important for your choice of course and for your success. To help you select the best course, we have divided language learning into four broad aims:

Learning for Business   You use the foreign language almost daily in your job and you want to feel more confident in expressing yourself.

Learning Language for Personal Reasons You are very interested in foreign cultures and language learning is part of this. Whether on holiday, or in contact with international friends or neighbours, you like to communicate in the language of your counterpart.

Cambridge Certificates, TOEFL, TOEIC, DELF, DELE, DELP

You want an accredited certificate and you wish to prepare yourself for the relevant examination.

Foreign Language Teaching for your Company Trainees Good language skills are vitally important for your company and you would like to offer your trainees continuing courses in a foreign language.


Prices are in Euro and do not include statutory VAT (“sales tax”).

  Price per Lesson
  45 minutes 60 minutes
One-to-One 30,00 40,00
Mini-group 40,00 50,00
Group Lessons 45,00 55,00

Teaching materials are charged as per the publisher’s price list. We reserve the right to charge travelling expenses as necessary.

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