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Translation and Localization Services

  World markets are becoming ever more global and the demands on internationally operating companies are steadily increasing.

Modern technology enables us to communicate with people all over the world - by fax, letter, e-mail and, of course, by phone. You and your staff spend a lot of time formulating texts in a foreign language and yet after all this there is no guarantee that the text communicates exactly what you want it to say. The same applies to longer texts, contracts or business agreements, which have to be translated from or into a foreign language.

admundi Übersetzungsdienst - effizienter im Business
  Using our translation services leaves you free to spend more time on more important issues. You also save money.

A Sample Calculation:
A typical DIN A4 page has about 35 standard lines (one standard line is 55 characters). This takes our translators far less than an hour and costs €39.20. Compare this with what an man-hour costs your company - 50, 60 or even 70 Euros?*

Effective Advertising Worldwide

Conveying the message of your advertising into a foreign language requires a high degree of creativity, because the advertising expressions in one language can never be transposed word for word into another.

Therefore, a translation which conveys the effect you want requires an exact understanding of the particular target group culture. Our translators have a wide range of intercultural experience and can convey your message effectively across the cultural divide.

We can translate your brochures, posters, annual reports, company magazines and newsletters into all world languages. We make sure that your message does not get lost in translation. Test the quality of our work: we will gladly demonstrate our skills and translate a sample text free of charge!

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   * this example is based on the translation of a simple specialist text into English, French or Spanish, or from one of these languages into German.

















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