Admundi Proffessional

At admundi we translate in and out of a broad range of foreign languages. Below you will find a shortlist of the most popular languages we work in (alphabetically arranged):

Arabic (Fousha) Bosnian
Brasilian (Portuguese) Cantonese
Chinese Croatian
Czech Danish
Dutch English
Estonian Farsi
Finnish Fousha (Standard Arabic)
Flemish French
German Greek
Hungarian Italian
Japanese Korean
Latvian Lithuanian
Mandarin Norwegian
Persian (Farsi) Polish
Portuguese Russian
Serbian Slovakian
Slovenian Spanish
Swedish Turkish
Do you need a technical, legal or other trade-specific translation? Our translators are qualified native speakers and have many years of experience in their field. 

Of course we work with other languages, such as Georgian or Mongolian. Call us and ask about our services: Tel.: 0421 - 560125 [click here for e-mail contact].

Am Fallturm 7
D-28359 Bremen
Tel.: (0421) 56 01 25
Fax: (0421) 566 94 55