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  A short Introduction to some Translator’s Jargon

So that you understand our language, we have put together a small glossary on the topic of translation.

Certification A certification confirms that the translation is a true and complete rendering of the original. A certified translation is a legal document which can be presented to a government office, a court of law, a notary, etc.

The following documents would typically need to be certified: extracts from the register of companies, tax office certificates, company contracts, driving licences, references; birth, marriage and death certificates, divorce decrees, wills, school reports and university certificates.

Glossary A glossary is a vocabulary list with explanatory notes and suggestions for translation. Glossaries are important translation aids.

Localisation Texts need localising to ensure that, in addition to being translated into the language concerned, the contents can be adapted so that the message is understood to the same degree across cultural barriers, for example, localisation is usual in the case of advertising texts.

Translation by Computer Program A computerised translation is atranslation from the original language into the target language by means of a computer program. These programs use bilingual dictionaries and apply grammar rules. In the near future, however, it is unlikely that computer programs will become so far advanced as to be able to produce a faultless translation.

Terminology List A terminology list is a list of specialist terminology in different languages for very special areas of vocabulary. As a rule, there are no notes or explanations (see Translating Aids).

Translating Aid Translating aids contain company-specific vocabulary and terms (e.g. terminology lists, glossaries, brochures, publications) made available by the client and which the translator must take into account when working on his translation (see Glossary and Terminology List).

Translating Translating is the written rendering of the essential meaning of a source text into a foreign language.

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